The Coat Your Pool Mission:

At Coat Your Pool, we have two major priorities: the safety of your fiberglass pool and the protection of your investments. Our philosophy puts Strong Foundations First, emphasizing our core values. We don’t believe in shoddy work or temporary fixes. Our technicians inspect the equipment using an extensive checklist, and our years of experience in the fiberglass industry ensures that any issues will be addressed upfront. This minimizes the chances for any costly surprises down the road and can save thousands of dollars in ongoing pool maintenance costs. Before coating a pool, we seek to address problems like blisters, cracks, delamination, coring, voids, and fractured fiberglass. We don’t like partial solutions, and we know our customers don’t either.  Our company refuses to experiment on your pool, and we are committed to utilizing the industry’s best products in our work for you.

Our confidence is backed by our warranties, which are the best in our industry.  These warranties, as they apply to your project, are included in every proposal we send.  We offer competitive pricing and seek to minimize the downtime of your pool’s restoration.  We are committed to a drug-free work environment and insist on safety training for our technicians.  Above all, your peace of mind and bodily safety is our goal, and the Coat Your Pool team is committed to working hard to make that goal a reality.


Our Three Uniques:


Superior Products

Industry Proven

Chosen by Performance, not Price


Superior Products

Industry Proven

Chosen by Performance, not Price


Documented Procedures

Consistent & Standards

Safety Standards

Proper PPE



Unmatched Certifications: (ACMA, NACE, OSHA)

Experience: Over 160 Fiberglass Restoration Projects in 2019

Our Guarantees:

An important area of our company is our guarantees. We want to ensure that our customers receive excellent customer service, certified project managers, and standards that set us apart in the industry.

All Project Managers are ACMA Certified (For more information, see our Certifications page)

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Why Use ecoFINISH Pool Finishes?



Less Chemicals and

Chemical Resistant


Crack Resistant


ecoFINISH coatings are anti-microbial, keeping you and your loved ones safe from harmful bacteria or diseases.

ecoFINISH pool coatings are designed with strong, yet very flexible polymeric materials. Cracks that appear through any ecoFINISH pool coating represent potentially serious structural issues and likely require major repairs for the pool; however, it will be much easier to repair and match their aquaBRIGHT or polyFIBRO finishes following the repairs than with other finishes.

  1. Less energy resources are required to manufacture the eco-friendly products in comparison to cementitious materials.

  2. Fewer chemicals need to be used during the lifespan of the pool in order to maintain the balance of the water chemistry. Fewer chemicals are manufactured due to the need to use less in the pool. The customer’s backyard is subject to less chemical exposure as well.

  3. If stored correctly, the ecoFINISH pool coating powders have no expiration date and never need to be disposed of in a landfill. When using cementitious finishes, hundreds of pounds will be disposed of at the end of a job. This does not occur when using ecoFINISH since the powders can continue to be used after the job.

When using the edoFINISH pool coatings, there is no chemical reaction between the water and the cementitious surfaces causing a constant shift in pH. This causes the pool owner to use less chemicals. For a commercial pool finished with the ecoFINISH, up to 40% savings in annual chemical consumption can be expected.

aquaBRIGHT and polyFIBRO are manufactured from resin in the same base polymer family as the jugs used for storing pool chemicals. They are both approved for installation in swimming pools and spas heated up to 104° F (40° C), and are resistant to blistering, chalking, peeling, cracking, and other signs of deterioration in normal use.

  1. aquaBRIGHT and polyFIBRO applied over cementitious or fiberglass surfaces will assist with hiding minor imperfections that may develop in the base surfaces.

  2. If a pool finished with an ecoFINISH coating were ever to need repairs, they can easily be accomplished.

    • Minor cosmetic damage is repaired by reheating and melting the material to heal gouges and cuts, and to restore the glossy finish.

    • Major repairs to the pool’s underlying shell would only require the aquaBRIGHT or polyFIBRO finish to be cut back approximately two inches around the damaged area being repaired. The ecoFINISH pool coating surface is then reapplied over the repaired area and blended with the surrounding finish utilizing ecoFINISH equipment.

The ecoFINISH aquaBRIGHT and polyFIBRO Pool Finishes warranty is unique to the pool coating industry. Other pool finish warranties generally require the pool owner to maintain perfect water chemistry and be able to provide proof of that perfectly maintained water over the life of the finish, or the warranty is null and void. Cementitious finishes will deteriorate from even mildly poor water chemistry, so it is crucial to maintain a balanced pH. This warranty is not needed when using the ecoFINISH products because they do not react to the water’s chemistry.

Our Limited Warranty includes the following: Chemical Resistance, Chalking Resistance, Surface Mildew Growth Inhibition, Crack Resistance, Spall and Delamination Resistance, Organic Stain Resistance.